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This page is for an older version of Jasmine (2.2)
The current stable version of Jasmine is: 3.10 - You can also look at the docs for the next release: Edge


If you want to customize your jasmine environment you can customize your boot.js file.

The core of boot.js should stay the same, but you can add new things to the interface or configure things by changing this file.

(function() {

  window.jasmine = jasmineRequire.core(jasmineRequire);


  var env = jasmine.getEnv();

Customizing the interface

Once the core jasmine interface has been loaded, you can add new functions or rewrite existing functions.

  var jasmineInterface = jasmineRequire.interface(jasmine, env);

Here, we're adding some aliases so before is the same as beforeEach

  jasmineInterface.before = jasmineInterface.beforeEach;

after is the same as afterEach

  jasmineInterface.after = jasmineInterface.afterEach;

and context is the same as describe

  jasmineInterface.context = jasmineInterface.describe;

  if (typeof window == "undefined" && typeof exports == "object") {
    extend(exports, jasmineInterface);
  } else {
    extend(window, jasmineInterface);

  var queryString = new jasmine.QueryString({
    getWindowLocation: function() { return window.location; }

  var catchingExceptions = queryString.getParam("catch");
  env.catchExceptions(typeof catchingExceptions === "undefined" ? true : catchingExceptions);

  var htmlReporter = new jasmine.HtmlReporter({
    env: env,
    onRaiseExceptionsClick: function() { queryString.setParam("catch", !env.catchingExceptions()); },
    getContainer: function() { return document.body; },
    createElement: function() { return document.createElement.apply(document, arguments); },
    createTextNode: function() { return document.createTextNode.apply(document, arguments); },
    timer: new jasmine.Timer()

Adding a custom reporter

You can also add your own reporter either in addition to or in place of the jsApiReporter and htmlReporter


You can also customize how specs are filtered from the current run by changing the env.specFilter function

  var specFilter = new jasmine.HtmlSpecFilter({
    filterString: function() { return queryString.getParam("spec"); }

  env.specFilter = function(spec) {
    return specFilter.matches(spec.getFullName());

  window.setTimeout = window.setTimeout;
  window.setInterval = window.setInterval;
  window.clearTimeout = window.clearTimeout;
  window.clearInterval = window.clearInterval;

  var currentWindowOnload = window.onload;

  window.onload = function() {
    if (currentWindowOnload) {

  function extend(destination, source) {
    for (var property in source) destination[property] = source[property];
    return destination;