Default Spy Strategy

You can customize the default spy strategy used by Jasmine when it creates spies. Normally, the default strategy is .and.stub(), which returns undefined if the spy is called. To change this, use the jasmine.setDefaultSpyStrategy helper in a beforeEach() or beforeAll() block.

beforeEach(function() {
  jasmine.setDefaultSpyStrategy(and => and.returnValue("Hello World"));

it("returns the value Hello World", function() {
  const spy = jasmine.createSpy();
  expect(spy()).toEqual("Hello World");

Call jasmine.setDefaultSpyStrategy with no arguments to remove a custom default. This can be helpful if you want to temporarily create a spy strategy for a series of spies.

it("throws if you call any methods", function() {
  jasmine.setDefaultSpyStrategy(and => and.throwError(new Error("Do Not Call Me")));
  const program = jasmine.createSpyObj(["start", "stop", "examine"]);

  expect(() => {
  }).toThrowError("Do Not Call Me");